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Aspencreek Chinooks

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Aspencreek is our dream for retirement.  We think the perfect retirement would be acreage with Aspens, mountains, a creek, and ofcourse Chinooks.  After getting our first Chinook we bought ten forested acres in northern Idaho to accomodate more.  We now have Chinooks,  Aspens,  but no creek-you can't have everything I guess!  We spend our weekends during the summer in Idaho,  playing with our dogs and making improvements.  We'd love to have you visit if you ever find yourself near Coeur d'Alene or Sand Point, Idaho.  We live in the suburbs of Seattle if that's more convenient.  It's fun to meet Chinooks in person, so email if you'd like to visit chinookdog@comcast.net .

Our breeding goals are geared toward the historical look and size of the Walden-era dogs with males weighing 80-100lbs and females in the 60-75 lb range.  We have incorporated the lines of Winterset, WoodsRunner, ThunderPaws, Perry Greene, and Mountain Laurel into our breeding program to help accomplish these goals and provide a diverse gene pool.  Each line is an important contributor in our quest for the perfect Chinook. 
All of our breedable dogs have passed hip and eye certifications.   We do eye exams (CERF) on all puppies raised in our home.  We register our puppies with AKC-FSS and UKC.  Our breedings incorporate health as the number one priority, with temperament and type secondary.  We require new owners to pick up their puppy in person and never ship dogs in cargo.   Please email us for more information and check out the upcoming litters page for the latest news.  Jackson has a litter planned for fall 2010

Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee
photo selected by state of New Hampshire to represent the Chinook breed as the NH state dog

        News Flash!
In May of 2009 Jackson was selected by the State of New Hampshire to represent the Chinook breed as the state dog.  You can see Jackson when you click on "dog" under the state symbol list

CH Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee 12 months

Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee
2003 UKC "Best of Breed" Specialty Winner

July 6, 2003
UKC awarded Jackson Grand Champion status
Jackson was listed #3 in the top ten Chinooks of UKC

CH Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee July 4, 2003

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our Chinooks.

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